Our team of industry experts put you first.

We combine extensive experience with a relaxed environment, where we leave our clients feeling comfortable, relieved and respected.


The management team at Fathom are even friendlier than they are experienced – and that’s saying something! Plus, there are two furry faces among them who never fail to make our customers smile.
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The Fathom advisory team are lovers of building rapport over a good cuppa and leaving every customer feeling comfortable, relieved and respected. Dedicated to keeping you on top of your pension plans and investments in a way that makes sense for you.
Mark Abley

Founder and Owner

Victoria Bell

Head of Strategy

Gary Stewart

Wills and Trust Specialist

John Kerwin

Lead Adviser


The backbone of our business, Fathom’s ops team make sure that everything’s processed smoothly so that you have a transparent and stress-free experience every time.
Matthew Grierson

Head of Operations

Kate Baker


Customer Service

Our customer service team are here to ensure that your questions are always answered and our standards stay the same regardless of who you chat to. We guarantee a fair service every time.
Julie Gray

Office Manager

Gemma Abley

Head of Client Acquisition & Retention

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