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Final salary pension transfer advice
Strategic advice

Your adviser should challenge you and guide you towards the right investment strategy.

The time and effort involved in the final salary pension transfer process should not be underestimated. A transfer carries several risks and it’s not the right move for everyone. A final salary pension delivers valuable guarantees that should not be given up lightly. So, it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons of leaving an existing final salary pension scheme before making a decision.

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Being in total control of your investments may sound either terrific or terrifying.

If high risk and high maintenance sounds unappealing, or market fluctuation keeps you up at night, then a transfer is unlikely to be the best route for you.

One of the biggest things you’ll be giving up with a Final Salary Pension Transfer is the scheme security and its inflation protection. You’ll need to be prepared to adapt to market changes, as well as make a long-term financial plan to make your money go the distance. Difficult questions such as life expectancy and financial dependents will need to be planned around so that you – and those close to you – will be able to rely on your cash sum. Because – as the saying goes – once it’s gone, it’s gone.  

A Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) is the cash equivalent of the pension benefits you’ll be giving up. So, the first step is to get a transfer valuation. And if that value is more than £30,000, it’s a regulatory requirement that you receive advice from a Qualified Pension Transfer Specialist before moving your pension. It’s vital you understand the rules and implications of progressing to a transfer, so you need to feel comfortable speaking with a provider who talks your language and leaves no stone unturned.

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