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Discuss your pension pot with Fathom
A refreshing review

We know peace of mind is priceless when it comes to your pension.

An underperforming pension pot could leave you with less than you expected and high charges could see your painstaking savings slip away. Our free pension review will remove any nasty surprises or furrowed brow moments (you know the ones) regarding your retirement. We’ll talk openly about the rewards as well as the risks. If we can give you a level of flexibility and control that would make your yoga instructor proud, we’ll be happy to do so. And if you’re doing just fine without us, we’ll tell you that too.

Let's talk
Discuss your pension pot with Fathom
Independent financial advice from Fathom

You don't need to lift a finger.

We know how hectic daily life can be.

We’ll approach your existing provider, gather all the details, analyse your situation and then provide you with a full report that you can choose to act on or just keep for future financial comfort. We all need a bit of that sometimes.

Our friendly team will talk you through the new options offered by the Pensions Freedom Act. If you’re a member of a final salary pension (Defined Benefit) pension scheme, we’ll discuss the potential advantages of a pension transfer – as well as the risks.

Arguably, not many things are more important than approaching your retirement with confidence. However uncertain you may be about your current pension savings, a little clarity could go a long way in preparing for the future you want.

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