Introducing Fathom, your financial experts

After many months of hard work and dedication, we’re finally ready to introduce ourselves. Well, re-introduce ourselves. We’re Fathom – a team of straight-talking financial advisors who specialise in pension advice and retirement planning. We’ve been around for a while (between us, we’ve got 45 years of financial planning experience), but we’ve had a bit of a makeover. You may remember us as The Pension Review Service.

We’ve come a long way since we began in 2008. We’ve helped countless customers with their retirement, expanded our business across the UK and achieved multiple awards and accreditations. But our values haven’t changed. In fact, we’re more aligned to them than ever. We’re still the same friendly advisors who’re committed to keeping complex advice simple so that our clients can feel safe and secure in retirement.

The Re-Brand

After 11 years, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about the financial advice stuff – we even know exactly when to put the kettle on! But our old brand didn’t reflect that. We wanted to show everyone exactly who we are – a down-to-earth team who support and care for their clients’ future. We started by changing our name to Fathom, because helping people fathom their finances is at the heart of what we do. It’s a name that’s honest and straightforward, just like us.

fathom rebrand new and old

We never underestimate the importance of getting to know our customers. That’s why, to represent our love of having a good chat and making our customers feel comfortable, we subtly incorporated a speech bubble into our logo. You’ll see a lot of these within our illustrations too because they’re used to reflect our friendly and approachable nature. For lots of people, talking about finance can feel daunting, which is why we try to make our clients feel as relaxed as possible. We’ve reflected our personality in our branding by using pastel colours, uplifting illustrations and clear phrases.

fathom illustration style

Showcasing Our Services

At Fathom, we offer plenty of services, from pension advice to estate planning. That’s why each of our illustrations depicts a different service and customer experience. Everyone’s retirement situation is unique, which is why we take the time to understand and make the most of each one. You’ll see lots of smiling characters in our illustrations because they’re just like the expressions of our real-life customers. If we can leave our customers feeling positive about the future, we consider it a job well done!

“We felt that our previous brand, The Pension Review Service, didn’t reflect the full extent of our services."

Mark Abley, Managing Director at Fathom

“We felt that our previous brand, The Pension Review Service, didn’t reflect the full extent of our services. After all, with services including pension drawdowninvestment advice and estate planning, we’re so much more than just pension reviews. Clarifying complex advice is central to our ethos, so it was time for us to reposition our business to make our own values crystal clear.

We wanted to create a unified ‘voice’ for the business, which is something we’ve never had before. One that sends a concise message to our customers about who we are and what we can offer them. We’re approachable, straight-forward and honest – committed to doing right by our customers. In an industry where it’s difficult to know who to trust, we wanted a brand that really showcased our integrity,” explains our managing director Mark Abley.

We’re thrilled with our new brand Fathom and we know you’ll love it too. For more information, check out our services or About page. Or, if you’d like to chat, drop us a message.

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