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In Conversation: David Norman CEO of TCF Investments

22/10/20 Interview
David 'DAN' Norman

 Expect to hear Mark ask: 

  • What are the guiding principles that you use when you invest money?
  • How do you select the mix between different asset classes, equities, and bonds for example?
  • What process do you use to select the funds you invest in?
  • Can you tell us a little more about your investment committee?
  • What would be your top tips for investors?
  • Where do you invest your own money?
  • What are your views on markets – what do you see on the horizon?

Who Is David 'DAN' Norman

DAN is one of the founders and CEO of TCF investments.

David 'DAN' Norman has held senior sales and marketing roles with large life companies, banks and asset managers and was CEO of Credit Suisse Asset Management (UK) before jointly founding TCF Investment a decade ago.