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Let’s Talk About: How Minimum Wage Increases Impact Inflation

Let’s Talk About: How Minimum Wage Increases Impact Inflation Inflation, the persistent rise in the cost of goods and services over time, is a concern that governments and economists worldwide grapple with. In recent times, the UK has experienced higher-than-expected inflation rates, sparking discussions about its drivers and potential consequences. One factor contributing to this…

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Are Annuities Back for good?

Are Annuities Back for good? Many moons ago when I was just a young (and wet behind the ears) financial adviser with Pearl Assurance the only option available to people with a personal pension at retirement (or as they were known back then, retirement annuity contracts) was to buy an annuity. An annuity is simply…

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Let’s talk about: Annuities

Let’s talk about: Annuities Is the UK in recession? There seems to be a lot of conflicting data, but one thing seems certain (according to the Bank of England and Office for Budget Responsibility) the UK will be in recession in 2023.  With the doom and gloom and turmoil of the financial markets you’d be…